To uplift the lifestyle of the poor and downtrodden students through this department which is a full-fledged for statistical learning center.

நோக்கு (Vision)

இலக்கு (Mission)

To ensure overall development of the students by imparting training in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Best Practices



Reading words
Reading, writing and recording minimum 5 hard English words per day. Students should show the work done to the tutor. Every week the work done by the students is acknowledged by the tutor.

All U.G and P.G students are directed to submit laptop assignments on a periodical basis. This is done to improve their computer skills.

Newspaper reading and recording
Every day One student should read the news loudly in front of others and record the same in the notebook. Every week the work done by the students is acknowledged by the tutor.

To be well informed about the day to day happenings in the rural, urban, national and international level. To understand and express the social problems in own words and hence to improve the language skills.

Concept of the day
Every day one student in each class should record and explain a concept in statistics.

To imbibe the skills of understanding and appreciating the beautiful concepts which ensure the survival and development of mankind.

Proverb writing
Every day one student in each class should write a proverb on the blackboard and record the same in the notebook along with the explanation.

To incorporate the moral and ethical values in the minds of the students.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Every week in each UG class, the students should collect and record at least 10 GK questions with answers.

Extension Activities
For II B.Sc and III B.Sc Students
A mini Project on “Applications of Statistics to real life problems”.

To increase the vocabulary and consequently to improve the language skills of the students.

Laptop Assignments  

Students should identify one real life problem, frame a questionnaire, collect data from different localities, analyze the data and submit a report before 15th February.

Project for II M.Sc Students

The final year M.Sc Students are motivated to Study the social issues using statistical techniques.

Every week, a student in each PG class should present in seminar in a topic related to the subject.

To improve the presentation skills, verbal skills, blackboard using skills of the students and to make them ready for their job.

Subject seminar

For selected subjects the innovative concept named as ‘learning by doing’ is followed. The teacher guides a student to search the necessary materials, prepare and present the concepts.

Freshers’  day and Statistics Association inauguration function. 

The induction programme for Freshers which enlightens them with the resourceful aspects of the course and other curricular activities.

National Statistics Day 

June 29th, the birthday of P.C.Mahalonobis is celebrated as National Statistics Day. On this day, the students are motivated to perform subject related activities.

Association Competitions
All students of the department are instructed to actively take part in these competitions. Every student should participate in at least one competition.

Essay Competition:(Tamil and English)
To improve the writing skill and presentation skill, Essay competitions are conducted.
Oratorical Competition:(Tamil and English)
To improve the awareness and speaking skills, oratorical competitions are conducted.
Poem Writing: :(Tamil and English)
To improve & appreciate the language skills poem writing competition are conducted.
Drawing Competition:
To improve & appreciate the drawing skills, thematic drawing competitions are conducted.
Music Competition:
To appreciate the musical talents, vocal music competition is conducted.
Quiz Competition:
To improve the general knowledge and subject knowledge, quiz Competition is conducted
Moral Story Writing Competition:
Every student should submit at least one moral story every year.

Students representatives meeting 

Once in 15 days, the representative meeting is conducted. The activities done by the students are reviewed by the H.O.D. The difficulties faced by the students, their academic requirements and co-curricular requirements are identified and addressed.

Womens’ counselling 

The girl students of the department are provided counseling for the specific problems faced by them.