1. The students who opt for MA Political Science generally are the ones who wish to get exposed to the core of several disciplines instead of moving towards specialization in one. The Programme has been designed to teach them the core areas of political Science such as political theory, Indian constitution, and International relations.
  2. The Programme module seeks to acquaint students of the functioning of the Indian Political System and how India manages its broad national interests in global politics.
  3. The objective is also to train the students in understanding the Political administrative system


On the successful completion of the programme, students will be able to

PSO Number PSO Statement
PS01 Understand the basic principles,concepts and Approaches of the Political Science,  and National,International Politics
PS02 Analyze the Powers and Functions of the president, Prime Minister and Judiciary system of UK, USA, France, Swiss, China, Russiya, and Indian Central-State Administration and Local Self Government
PS03 Understand the basic concept and issues concerning Human Rights , Legislative Procedures ,and Methods of Researches
PS04 Understand the Approaches, Principles, concepts of Public Administration, police administration and local government Administration and social science Research.
PS05 Trace out the Western Political Culture and compare the Indian Political Thought
PSO6 Developing knowledge of administrative studies with special reference to Indian administrative structures and practices, legislative procedures and Party System in India.
PSO7 Understand the Political Geography,   National and Regional Political Parties, Electoral geography, and climate changing.


Increase knowledge of Ancient and Modern Governments, Constitutions and different kind of government, Law making process and Judiciary system in India.
PSO9  Analyze  the comparison of Political Parties, collection of data analysis, and Human Rights in India.
PSO10 Identify and discuss the concepts and procedures of sampling, data collection, analysis, reporting and Understand the Indian Administration, Foreign policy of India and Indian Ideology.


  1. Analyze current political situations, and international issues
  2. They able to solve socio and political issues
  3. They Participate Political and Administrative Activities
  4. Evaluate contemporary issues in light of different research methods and theories of Comparative Politics.