• To educate and elevate the social awareness among the students to mould them as good citizens and leaders of future generation.

  • Committed to create and sustain the learner –centric environ and to make them to understand the present by revisiting the past in order to realise the social and intellectual transformations in the future arena.


  • To cater the needs of the socially and economically backward rural students to pursue higher education.

  • To disseminate the legacy and the treasure of the past to quench their intellectual curiosity and employable competency.

  • Committed to lay foundation for the transformation of society by imparting ethos and values through history.


The educational objectives for the program of B.A History are as follows

  • To Study and Construct the Events of Past in A Proper Chronological and Genealogical Order Based on Strong Historical Evidences.

  • To Acquire Knowledge and Understanding the Diversity of Human Experiences in the Political, Socio-Economic, Cultural and intellectual Processes

  • Commitment to Provide Program That Allow and Guide the Learners to Gain Knowledge and Skill to Meet The Demands of Both Traditional and Modern Career Prospects in The Fields of Education Civil Service, Archaeology, Journalism , Tourism Etc

  • To think speak and write critically the historical events of milestones and to have independent of thought and expression

  • To instill the confidence in the minds of youth by inculcating the values and knowledge of history to shape the present day social order.

  • To understand the nature of contemporary issues to formulate a future agenda for action from local to global level.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Program Specific Outcomes Upon completion of the B.A Degree Programme, the graduate will be able to


Acquaint with the basics of history and course of historical development at regional and national level.


Able to understand the current and prospective political, socio – economic and cultural changes across globe through the learning of past and contemporary history.


Learn to identify the contributions of great men and women through movements and revolutions for better modern age of governance and administration.


Able to get sensitized on various issues of human race chiefly pertaining to women, children, downtrodden and other vulnerable groups to help the learner to understand their role in society


Laid platform to enter tourism sectors both at government organizations and private firms by knowing the procedures of travel formalities, ticketing and the organization and functions of travel Agencies which develop entrepreneurial skills in the learner.

PSO -6

Gaining various transferable skills in a wide range of careers such as law, journalism, service sectors, archaeological spheres, museums, library science etc and there by enhances the chances of getting placements in those sectors.

PSO – 7

 Aware of local areas pertaining to its history, polity, ethnography, geography, ecology and so on to build a regional and national history in a better way.

PSO – 8

Develop the skills required to become graduate teachers at various levels

PSO – 9

Acquire the skills needed to pursue career of civil servants both at union and state level.

PSO -10

Knowing the fundamentals of research to pursue research career as a mission