To develop a centre of excellence for commerce with computer applications education and training to the students.

நோக்கு (Vision)

இலக்கு (Mission)

To materialize the vision, the Department of Commerce (Computer Application) focuses on the following: 

  • To provide the best knowledge and offer practical training to students in the field of commerce and computer application.
  • To continuously evaluate the performance against benchmarking institution.
  • To groom students with IT skills and values for global competency and transform them into ideal citizens of our country.

About the Department

B.Com (Computer Applications) course is started in our college during academic year 2019-2020 as per Government Order No: 204 Higher Education (G1) Department on 14.08.2019 with the permission of Periyar University. The sanction strength allowed for the Course is forty students by the Periyar University.

The B.Com (CA) Course was functioned under Department of Commerce.  Principal of our college appointed Dr.T.Thirupathi, Head of the Department of Commerce has been as additional incharge for this course.

During the academic year 2019-2020 four students admitted in this course, 40 students admitted in the academic year 2020-2021 and 44 students has been admitted in the academic year 2021-2022.

The department was functioning separately from 07.04.2021. Dr.C.Madhesh, Assistant Professor of Commerce has been appointed as Head incharge for this department Commerce (Computer Applications) by our college Principal.


Syllabus from 2017-2018 onwards

Syllabus from 2021-2022 onwards