Department of Chemistry


            To motivate and nurture the students to acquires subject knowledge skills and research aptitude through intellectual higher education along with better conduct, character and commitment to societal needs and national development while promoting and preserving the heritage of our past.


  • To impart quality educations, skills and equip students to face the challenges and demands of industry and technology.
  • To caliber the students to work for societal transformation with commitment to justice and equality.
  • To provide equal opportunity to girl students and make them to be confident in meeting the scientific and technological requirements of the nation.
  • To excel in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and economic needs of the nation.
  • To offer educational programmes with synergistic interaction with the industries and societies.

 Programme Educational Objective (PEO)


Achievements of chemistry in a foundational level to the current knowledge.
PEO2 Development of cognitive research skills at a level required to pursue higher education.
PEO3 Understanding of experimentation, observation and data analysis suitable for any chemistry based industry.
PEO4 Familiarity with available instrumentation for conducting specific scientific research.

To communicate effectively, verbally and written for the purposes of conveying chemical information to both professional scientists and to the public.

 Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Students will acquire wholesome knowledge with firm foundation in basic fundamentals and the applications in the field of chemistry
PSO2 Student can adapt to modern techniques having interface with computers and use of computers in laboratory work so that they are able to employ, knowledge and skill in computers in various situations such as data analysis and computing results.
PSO3 Students can be able to communicate scientific information in a clear and consider manner both orally and in written form.
PSO4 Students will create empowered team with good coordination who will emerge as entrepreneurs and be employed in various fields.
PSO5 Students develop the capability to organize team and guide the team members towards a right destination in a smooth and efficient manner.
PSO6 Students will be equipped to solve problems of numerical, synthetic and analytical nature that are best approached with critical thinking.
PSO7 Students enriched with lateral thinking to look at the information designed to the group of facts and rules to determine the logical facts and conclude with unprejudiced and perspective manner.
PSO8 Students will appreciate the central role of chemistry in our society and use this as a basis for ethical behavior in issues facing chemist including an understanding of safe handling of chemicals and issues related to health, medicine and environment.
PSO9 Students acquired knowledge of the values and beliefs of multiple cultures in a global perspective and interact holistically within various diverse groups.
PSO10 Students will able to find out independently green route for chemical reactions and identify appropriate non-toxic resources for sustainable development.