To motivate and nurture the students to acquires subject knowledge skills and research aptitude through intellectual higher education along with better conduct, character and commitment to societal needs and national development while promoting and preserving the heritage of our past.


  • To impart quality educations, skills and equip students to face the challenges and demands of industry and technology.
  • To caliber the students to work for societal transformation with commitment to justice and equality.
  • To provide equal opportunity to girl students and make them to be confident in meeting the scientific and technological requirements of the nation.
  • To excel in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and to serve the social, cultural and economic needs of the nation.
  • To offer educational programmes with synergistic interaction with the industries and societies.

 Programme Educational Objective (PEO)

PEO1 Graduate will have significant opportunities to get employment at Local and National level, and can work as analyst, quality controller, research assistant and in government sector job.
PEO2 Development of cognitive research skills at a level required to pursue higher education.
PEO3 Graduate will be able to formulate, investigate and analyze scientifically real life problems along with ethical attitude which works in multidisciplinary team.
PEO4 Enabling graduates to pursue higher studies in India and abroad
PEO5 Enabling graduates to become sntereprenerurs.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)


Demonstrate and apply the fundamental knowledge of the basic principles in various fields of chemistry.
PSO2 Using modern chemical tools, models, chemdraw, charts and equipment students can adapt to ICT enabled techniques so that wide knowledge interface with computers is enabled.
PSO3 Students will be able to clearly communicate the results of scientific work in oral, written and electronic format both in scientific and non-scientific community.
PSO4 Collaborate effectively on team oriented projects in the field of chemistry.
PSO5 Apply knowledge to formulate an inspiring vision and building a team and management skills to guide people for developing endogenous products.
PO6 Enhance the scientific temper among the students so as to develop a research culture and implementation of the policies to tackle the burning issues at global and local level.
PSO7 Students are able to conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results while observing responsible and ethical scientific conduct.
PSO8 Create awareness and sense of responsibility towards unethical behavior such as fabrication, falsification or misrepresentation of data or committing plagiarism and apply moral and ethical knowledge to solve environmental and sustainability issues.
PSO9 Students acquire holistic knowledge to enhance multicultural competence to face global change and develop multidimensional skills to engage in diverse society and embrace intellectually within divergent groups.
PSO10 Students can acquire the ability to engage in independent and self-learning measures and present their chemical research results by means of an oral presentation, scientific poster or as a written report.