Objectives of the Practice

Making Pollution free and green campus

Preserving and maintaining the ancient trees

Get acquainted with the vernacular and scientific names of the plants

The Context

The institution has been located in the centre of the city and always affected by heavy pollution in terms of air pollution, noise pollution.

To avoid all above said obstacles the institution has initiated this practice for several years.

The Ultimate aim behind the green campus is to increase the oxygen level, decrease the noise pollution level  and to create a pleasant green environment for the stakeholders who are directly or indirectly associated with this century old institution.

But the main challenge we are facing is that the Institution is committed to the environmental audit needs and will try to impart training which will be beneficial to staff and students.

For this, the Institution will look forward to opportunities in tying up with Audit Agencies and would also be aware of the future developments taking place in the global scenario.

The Practice

Our institution has promoted a variety of activities to help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources. Our institution is smoke free and is also a plastic free campus.

Activities organized to create greenery and its conservation at institution campus is as follows:

Plantation of diversified species

Vegetative propagation

Uses of medicinal plants

Identification of plants species

Establishing Miyawaki Forests

Plantation of diversified species:

To create- green cover, eco-friendly atmosphere, and pure oxygen at the institution campus, a plantation program is organized every year involving all students, Principal, and all departments faculty members.

Vegetative propagation:

To learn how to propagate the garden vegetation.

Identification of plant species:

There are so many plant species present at the institute campus. The faculty member of the botany department audited and identified various plant species with the help of flora.

Establishing Miyawaki Forests

            An exclusive Miyawaki forest has been established to support and strengthen the green campus. The institution has planted  100 ornamental, medicinal plants with rare and exotic beautiful trees that were planted in the botanical garden and rest of the institution. To keep the greenery in the campus, maintenance of green campus is the routine activity as part of the institution.  Institution has established and maintained Miyawaki Forests in association with the society with the 3000 saplings of 10 different tree species.

Evidence of Success

The following results have been accomplished successfully.

Maintaining the record which consists of the list of plants.

Low cost mass multiplication of medicinal plants.

Miawaki forest and its significance.

Organic farming for the support of nature and environment.

Conservation of Biodiversity.

Improve the greenery by planting such as trees and medicinal plants in the campus.

Development of medicinal gardens.

Development of pollution free zone.

 Problems encountered and Resources required:

Maintenance and development is the major problem encountered for making green campus error free.

Financial support and infrastructural support are the major hurdles of maintaining the green campus.

Implementation of the green practices needs a series of awareness programs to educate more people and train them for it.

Making green is an innovative  investment but investments are lacuna.



Objectives of the Practice

To offer Low-cost education encouraging students  from economically weaker section of the society to pursue Higher Education

To support “BreadWinners” of the family to chase their dreams.

To create a generic support system for transforming the younger minds to “THINK BIG”

The institution, which is identified as one of the oldest institutions in the state, is serving as an educational hub for many villages around the city. As most of the students are First Graduates from deprived sections of the society, the institution has the major role in transforming the students lifestyle and thereby improving the livelihood of the family.

Most of the enrolled students are major or only contributors to their family’s livelihood. As the institution offers programs in two shifts, the students start to utilize “Earn while Learn” practice to support their families and also continue to chase their dreams.

The Context

Students from Socially and economically weaker sections of the society are admitted as per reservation policy. The Tuition fee exemption policy encourages the deprived students to continue education without levying financial burden to the family.

These First Graduate students (Children of Ill-literate parents) are committed to grow and excel in academics and Non-academic activities. The striking will power and real stamina of the students help them to outshine in sports as well. This leads to selection in Army, Police and securing jobs in sports quota.

The Practice

The institution  has an excellent support system for them to provide education with low fees. No hike in fees for around 25 years,  Community based  Scholarships, Free Bus pass, Train Pass with concession, Scholarship for continuing higher education in Tamil Medium, Exam Fee exemption for visually challenged students.

Evidence of Success

15.2 Acre Serene Green Campus with 10 blocks, which consist of 123 class rooms and 21 laboratories. 20 UG, 19 PG and 13 research programmes conducted by 21 Departments.  The outstanding feature of this institution is its student strength with 5486 from UG and PG programmes and 255 scholars from research  programmes and  faculty strength is 257, among them 28 Associate Professors with a 19 years of average teaching  experience and  161 faculties are with doctoral degrees.

The institution has an excellent   Library with 80457 books (includes a rare collection of 100 year old books, which are out of print). With the highly qualified teachers and state-of-art facilities the students are encouraged to pursue higher studies by progressing to Postgraduate and Research. The cost of education is  affordable to the students.  The amount spent for acquiring a UG degree to  Ph.D. is just Rs.6915 (for Arts Stream) / Rs.9345 ( for Science Stream)

Since its establishment in 1857, our family has been expanding through the fraternity of its alumni who have gone on to make a mark in every walk of life. It is a matter of tremendous pleasure that many of them are distinguished by means of their profession. A great many others  distinguished as the great academicians, police personnel, administrative officers, politicians, judges, lawyers, scholars, ministers, public servants, artists, sportspersons, and nation builders, among others contribute to the strength of our alumni; Our alumni are our pride. They have made an outstanding contribution at both state and national levels.

Problems encountered and resources required

To meet the current technological evolutions and revolutions more resources have to be acquired by the institution, even though the institution is having resources in terms of infra structures and HR.