Department of   Business Administration

Program Educational Objectives

PEO Number PO Statement
PE01 To  Internalize the importance of lifelong learning that will enable them to become skilled professionals in the context of an ever changing world
PE02 To become courageous, competent and innovative entrepreneurs and executives
PE03 To  be a value based ethically and socially responsible leaders in the society.

Program Specific outcomes (PSO)

On the successful completion of the programme, students will be able to

PO Number PO Statement
PS01 Understand  all functional areas of business administration
PS02 Communicate effectively with the business community and the society
PS03 Synergize by becoming better team player with right spirit.
PS04 Become accounting and finance specialist  with strong foundation in accounting, banking and financial services
PS05 Enhance the skills for marketing of products and services to cope up  with ever changing marketing environment
PSO6 Understand the legal system and tax structure for doing business at National as well as International level
PSO7 Develop the knowledge and skills on Entrepreneurship to build a better society.


Acquire the leadership and managerial skills with right ethics and values.
PSO9  Enhance their Research Aptitude
PSO10  Become a skillful decision maker in personal as well as Professional life.